Success is often accidental

So true! Check out the link to “How Weird News Makes Great Storytelling.” It’s wittily funny and accurate and has such an incredible breakdown!

The Red Pen of Doom

success kid

How many times have you seen somebody trip, or do something stupid, then they act like, “Oh, I meant to do that?”

The reverse is actually more interesting: you did something random and unintentional and it turned out great.

I didn’t write a silly blog post with the intention of WordPress putting it on the front page. Which is probably why they did. You can’t force it.

Here’s that post: How weird news teaches us great storytelling

So a big thanks to the editors at WP and all the people who visited, commented and subscribed. Returned the favor if you had a blog on WP.

If you have suggestions or requests, hit me up in the comments or the emails. Three quick examples:

  • Music Video Monday – Nominate an insanely great video, or something so awful that it begs to be dissected.
  • Tinseltown Tuesday – Tell me about obscure film or…

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