We LOVE Too Much


The other day my 14-year-old sister opened a conversation with me by declaring, “You know there is a difference between loving someone and being “in love.”

“Huh?” I replied. “Who’s your source? Are you claiming that this is your belief, or merely an idea presented to you by someone else?”

The opening to this conversation got me thinking… Like I find myself so often. There’s no black or white in the area of love. Love is based on inner experience, rather than fact.

Have you ever counted how many times we, and others, use the term in a day????

We LOVE that show! We LOVE summer time. We LOVE our new iPhones! We LOVE the word LOVE! The “word” is rhetorical, exaggerated, and overused. Not to say I’m not guilty of the overblown use of LOVE myself. I LOVE me some chocolate cake!

We also LOVE others. But how can we put a universal truth to “the word” when it has been used so excessively?

Love is within one’s self. It’s subjective. What does it mean to you? Is LOVE an action? Is it a feeling? Or, is it both?

With LOVE,
Sly girl



Beauty is Pain

I stumbled upon this ironic phrase a few days ago, and it’s been floating around in my mind ever since. Beautiful agony. Yet, such a broad idea. What does it mean? Some may see the expression as an oxymoron. Others believe the two words fit like a glove.

The “ART of Disruption” in ones life.

The struggle one endures in order to persevere.

The physical anxiety one suffers previous to the awe of an epiphany.

The subtle pain moments before reaching most intense point of satisfaction.

And then I crave it… Dissonance.

Not because I want to be unhappy or love “drama.” No. The complete opposite. This form of discomfort leads to a state of harmony.

Beautiful is the adjective that describes the aftermath of the Agony.

Like they’ve always said…

Beauty is pain,
Sly girl