We LOVE Too Much


The other day my 14-year-old sister opened a conversation with me by declaring, “You know there is a difference between loving someone and being “in love.”

“Huh?” I replied. “Who’s your source? Are you claiming that this is your belief, or merely an idea presented to you by someone else?”

The opening to this conversation got me thinking… Like I find myself so often. There’s no black or white in the area of love. Love is based on inner experience, rather than fact.

Have you ever counted how many times we, and others, use the term in a day????

We LOVE that show! We LOVE summer time. We LOVE our new iPhones! We LOVE the word LOVE! The “word” is rhetorical, exaggerated, and overused. Not to say I’m not guilty of the overblown use of LOVE myself. I LOVE me some chocolate cake!

We also LOVE others. But how can we put a universal truth to “the word” when it has been used so excessively?

Love is within one’s self. It’s subjective. What does it mean to you? Is LOVE an action? Is it a feeling? Or, is it both?

With LOVE,
Sly girl



Thinking About Thinking

“Metacognition is one of the latest buzz words in educational psychology, but what exactly is metacognition? Metacognition enables us to be successful learners, and has been associated with intelligence.” –Jennifer Livingston

Metacognition has often been simply defined by some as “thinking about thinking.” But…I’m kind of exhausted from thinking about my thinking, even while I am thinking about my thinking, in order to make my thinking better. I think my thinking is getting better when I think about it, but it’s hard to come home after all day of thinking and then have to think about what I thought all day then write a blog. See, aren’t you tired now too? It’s a lot of thinking!

What if I switched gears for a little bit and think about what I’m feeling?

Is there a super sophisticated term for thinking about what you are feeling?

My thoughts,
Sly girl

My Questions and Your Answers

Being the inquisitive, nosy person that I am, I ask a lot of questions. Yes, some of them are even to myself. “Why did I do that?” “What are my intentions in this matter?” “Where is my cell phone???” You see, I’m a perceiver and I practice self-talk to encourage my internal growth. I’m also a teacher and even my students will tell you, “Mrs. Hoskins’ favorite questions are ‘why’ questions.” But that’s besides the point…

Questions lead to answers. Not always the counterclaim for which you desire, but at least an explanation for one’s actions or a report of general facts. (Google is one of my dearest friends) In a query, you have to consider the source. When examining my own thoughts, it’s sometimes difficult to reach a conclusion, however, I’m the expert of my own thought processes. I wouldn’t ask you to analyze what’s going on with me cognitively.

Despite my intrinsic tendency to argue with myself, I often search for weight loss solutions like so many other spoiled Americans. Yet, I’m not going to quiz the teeny bopper who has been thin her whole life or the pleasantly plump Weight Watchers consultant. I’ll ask my dad who has dropped 90lbs this year! When I’m looking in to college tuition costs, I will not rely on Ask.com. I’ll reference an “.edu”. Speculating about relationships with my single or divorced friends will get me nowhere. I’ll simply ask my significant other.

Which brings me to my boyfriend…
Asking questions are where he and I are different, although we are the same in so many ways. My “bae” (that’s what the kids are saying these days) is a thinker, a logical thinker and I love that about him. Don’t get me wrong, he attains plenty of knowledge from reading and what not because he prefers facts over others’ interpretation or perception. Probably because he merely doesn’t care about what people think. Nonetheless, he’s an incredibly intelligent man. In fact, he’s amazing. Handsome, funny, creative, patient, independent, wise, chivalrous, and direct (hence why I don’t have to ask him many questions). Among other quirks I encompass, he enjoys teasing me about “my questions” as he calls them. I assume, ironically, he finds it endearing instead of annoying (I’m sure I’ve asked him before). I like when teases…flirts…with me. Anyhow, he’s a ponderer while I’m an asker. The difference between us.

So…before your wandering thoughts betray you, just know…

I don’t feed my addiction “afterwards” because I don’t want to leave your side.

I quieten my questions and/or comments during the aftermath because I took for granted that you relished the silence.

Maybe I should have asked 😉

My questions and your answers,
Sly girl