Round peg, Square Hole

She’s a mess. A hot mess. A hot, crazy mess.

A hot, sleepless, thinking all the time, always starting projects, crazy MESS. Yes, she has flaws…plenty.

She’s here and she’s there. She has lost her mind, yet she has a calming spirit. She’s sarcastic but caring. She’ll drop some mad cash on a good bra, otherwise she’s pretty resourceful.

She drinks a little… Well… I don’t have a counter for that one.

She likes tacky glitter as well as a beautiful set of pearls. She enjoys country concerts but raps some Iggy Azalea in her car. Today she’s on edge. Tomorrow she’s sweet as pie.

She went from teenage mother to graduate student.

She encourages, has warm conversations, changes lives, and makes some pretty cool stuff 🙂

Quite frankly, I love that she’s all over the place…

because she’s me.

My personality runs in circles, sorry if I’m making you dizzy.

Forever I couldn’t figure out why I would spend 6-8 months out of the year feeling inspired, then…nothing. A few months pass. Oh! Oh! She’s back. Finally, I realized something…

That’s just how I am.

What an epiphany. I had just discovered what I already knew. No, I accepted it. There’s nothing wrong with not fitting in a mold. As a matter of fact, I can’t find a single stereotype where I belong. And I LOVE it.

You. Can’t. Put. Me. In. A. Box.

I’m the round peg. The world is a square hole.

Sly girl